Coral Condom 3-Fruit Flavours (Girls)
Coral Condom 3-Fruit Flavours (Girls) Coral Condom 3-Fruit Flavours (Girls) Coral Condom 3-Fruit Flavours (Girls)

Coral Condom 3-Fruit Flavours(Girls) 1 Pack - 3 Pcs

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Each and every pack of Coral condoms, carry the widely recognised CE mark for product quality and safety.Each and every piece of Coral condom, has been produced to meet the de facto international product standard for condoms.The whole manufacturing process needed to produce a piece of Coral condom, is certified to the ISO 9001 standard for Quality Management System. With this certification,you can be rest assured that quality is built into your condom, each and every time

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Experience a symphony of delightful fruit flavors that can enhance your sensual experiences. Coral Condom 3-Fruit Flavours (Girls), is your ultimate solution for a safer and more enjoyable intimate experience. Discover what makes this product so special and the benefits it brings to your life.
What is Coral Condom 3-Fruit (Girls)?
At its core, the Coral Condom 3-Fruit Flavours is a meticulously crafted protection barrier designed for both safety and pleasure. These condoms are brought to you by the trusted brand, Coral, ensuring quality and reliability with every use. The delightful fruit flavors of Coral Condom Flavours (Girls) are Banana, Strawberry, and Orange.
The Coral Condom 3-Fruit Flavours (Girls) stands out for several reasons. It has unforgettable flavors, perfect dimensions, and premium lubrication. Besides these, it maintains quality assurance, ideal Quantity, and trusted origin.
Benefits You Get
1. This Coral Condom brings a touch of excitement to your intimate moments with its delightful fruit flavors.
2. Crafted from natural latex with low protein content provides you with a strong yet comfortable fit.
3. Total 6 pics with 2 packets of condoms ensuring you have an ample supply for multiple occasions.
4. Maintain perfect dimensions Length: 180mm, Width: 52mm +/- 2mm, Thickness: 0.065mm +/-0.015mm will fit comfortably while providing reliable protection.
5. Coral Condoms are enhanced with silicon oil lubrication (450mg +/- 150mg), ensuring smooth gliding and added pleasure.
6. These condoms adhere to international quality standards and safety measures.
Material: Natural Latex (Low Protein)
Lubricant: Silicon Oil (450mg +/- 150mg)
How to Use?
Using the Coral Condom (Girls) is straightforward. Simply follow these steps for a secure and enjoyable experience:
1. Carefully open the condom packet, ensuring you don't damage the condom inside.
2. Check the expiration date to ensure the condom is still valid.
3. Unroll the condom onto an erect penis before any intimate contact.
4. After use, safely and responsibly dispose of the condom.
The Coral Condom 3-Fruit Flavours (Girls) offers a perfect blend of protection, flavor, and quality. With its unique fruit flavors, comfortable fit, and reliability, it's the ultimate choice for enhancing your intimate moments. Trust in Coral to provide you with a safe and enjoyable experience every time.