Kodomo Powder (Gentle Soft)
Kodomo Powder (Gentle Soft)

Kodomo Powder (Gentle Soft) 200gm

200 gm



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Sweet gentle scents. Oat milk moisturizer. For sensitive and dry skin. Sweet Gentle Scents that are suitable for newborn babies. Oat Milk Moisturizer provides natural protein that helps to nourish and soothe a baby’s skin.

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"Kodomo Gentle Soft Powder: Pure Comfort"
Nourishing Care for Your Precious One
Discover the epitome of tender care for your baby's delicate skin with Kodomo Gentle baby skincare. Specially formulated to embrace the sensitive nature of your baby's skin, this powder offers a cocoon of protection and comfort. Enriched with natural ingredients and free from harsh chemicals, it ensures gentle care from the very first touch. Say goodbye to irritation and redness, and say hello to a world of soothing softness that keeps your baby's skin happy and healthy.
"All-Day Freshness: Kodomo Gentle Soft Powder"
Long-Lasting Dryness and Fragrance
Imagine a world where your baby remains fresh and content all day long. With Kodomo Powder, that dream becomes a reality. This powder not only provides a soft embrace for your baby's skin but also offers a Long-lasting dryness for babies that keeps discomfort at bay. The light, delicate fragrance adds a touch of sweetness, making every moment with your baby even more delightful. Whether it's playtime or bedtime, this powder ensures your baby's skin stays dry, comfortable, and irresistibly fragrant.
"Embrace Delicate Care with Kodomo Powder"
Embrace, Connect, Cherish
Your baby's delicate skin deserves nothing but the best, especially during those precious bonding moments. Kodomo Soft Powder becomes more than just a product – it's a part of your heartfelt connection. Create lasting memories as you gently apply this powder, soothing your baby with each touch. Let your fingers glide over the softness, enveloping your little one in a cloud of care and comfort. Make every moment count, and let the bond between you and your baby flourish with the tenderness of Kodomo.