Guerniss Liquid Matte Lipstick(G18)
Guerniss Liquid Matte Lipstick(G18) Guerniss Liquid Matte Lipstick(G18)

Guerniss Liquid Matte Lipstick(G18)

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Guerniss paris persistent liquid matte lipstick is a new collection of lipstick that comes in stunning and rich shades to provide a sculpted bold look for your lips.

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Guerniss Liquid Matte Lipstick in the shade G18! This rich berry-toned lipstick is the perfect way to add a touch of color and sophistication to any look.
First, let’s start with texture; this creamy formula glides onto lips smoothly without leaving a chalky or dry feeling behind. Its matte finish adds an edgy element that will complete your makeup look perfectly – no need for glosses here! The staying power of this lipstick is also impressive as it can last up to six hours, making sure you won't have to give regular retouches throughout the day or night.
G18 has an amazing range of warm red tones which makes it super versatile depending on how bold you want your lip color to be – just layer on more product for a deeper hue if desired. The deep berry tint gives off vibes similar shades to MAC's Burgundy Plum set from their Fall Fashion Collection 2016. It'll turn heads wherever you choose to wear it - the job interview, date night out? Whatever event calls for gorgeous lippy lips...Guerniss Liquid Matte G18 has got you covered! Plus its luxurious feel when applied adds an even higher wow factor; think Kim Kardashian-level glam but at high street prices too!
Assuming people opt into purchasing one make sure they seal tight once finished using since these liquid mattes are prone to oxidization (which causes discoloration) so keeping them closed would help keep pigments vibrant yet non-transferable while wearing them — talk about having the best both worlds right?! All in all Guernisse Liquid Matte Lipstick in Shade G18 offers ultimate luxe coverage proof protection long lasting stay and maximum compliments guaranteed. So go get yourself some now before stocks run out --you might not regret it after all—Good Luck!
There are some basic characteristics of the product
Highly pigmented
Long lasting
Transfer proof
Leaves a flawless matte finish
Guerniss liquid matte lipstick has 17 unique trendy and eye-catchy shades that cover all the ranges of bold, deep, and nude colors. The colors are also highly saturated and don’t fade away with time. It lasts up to 16 hours and does not crack.
This product has sunflower seed oil and mineral oil which your lips won’t dry out. The quality is specifically high and it won’t darken your lips. It will hydrate your lips.