L01 – PINKFLASH Melting Matte Waterproof Lipstick (RD05)
L01 – PINKFLASH Melting Matte Waterproof Lipstick (RD05) L01 – PINKFLASH Melting Matte Waterproof Lipstick (RD05)

L01 –Pink Flash Melting Matte Waterproof Lipstick (RD05)

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Water-proof, transfer-proof. It has vitamin E which moisturizes the skin on the lips.

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L01 - PINKFLASH Melting Matte Waterproof Lipstick (RD05) is a high-quality lipstick that is designed to provide perennial, profound color with a matte finish. This lipstick is an impeccable solution for those who want to achieve a bold and verbal expression look with their makeup.
One of the key features of Melting Matte Waterproof Lipstick is its waterproof formula. This betokens that the lipstick stays put even when you victual or drink, ascertaining that your makeup stays in place throughout the day. This is categorically consequential for those who have diligent schedules and don't have time for touch-ups.
The lipstick is additionally enriched with victualing ingredients like Vitamin E and Shea Butter, which avail to moisturize and forfend your lips. This ascertains that your lips don't dry out or crack, even after hours of wear.
L01 - PINKFLASH comes in a vibrant, bold shade of red (RD05) that is impeccable for those who want to make a verbalization with their makeup. The color is highly pigmented, providing profound coverage with just one swipe.
One of the great things about Melting Matte Waterproof Lipstick is its smooth and silky texture. The lipstick glides on effortlessly, providing an even and precise application. This ascertains that you get an impeccable lip shape every time.
Another consequential feature of L01 - PINKFLASH Melting Matte Waterproof Lipstick is its perennial formula. The lipstick stays put for up to 12 hours, ascertaining that your makeup looks fresh and impeccable throughout the day.
Overall, Waterproof Lipstick (RD05) is an excellent product that provides profound color and perennial wear. Its waterproof formula, victualing ingredients, and vibrant shade make it a must-have for anyone who wants to make a bold verbal expression with their makeup.
Available shades:
N01 canvas N02 rosy  N03 best day N04 flamingos N05 cookies O01 fancier O02 oops!
O03 most orange P01 dolly pink P02 mysterious P03 obsession R01 Dorothy R02 mambo R03 on mode
Pinkflash is a Global Beauty Brand. Our vision is to create an affordable and safe quality for every #pinkflashgirl. We hope that you have a funny and comfortable experience in pink flash Makeup.
Features: pink flash lipstick is matte, waterproof, transfer-proof, and lightweight.