Note Eye Brow Pencil 01 (Black)
Note Eye Brow Pencil 01 (Black) Note Eye Brow Pencil 01 (Black)

Note Eye Brow Pencil 01 (Black)

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Waterproof crayon to fill & define brows.

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Unleash the beauty of perfectly sculpted eyebrows with our Note Eye Brow Pencil 01 in the shade of Black. This eyebrow pencil is designed for precision, making you effortlessly create defined, natural-looking brows. With a fine tip that mimics the appearance of real hair, achieving that flawless arch has never been easier. Each stroke is a masterpiece, giving your brows the attention they deserve.
Crafted with precision in mind, the Note Eye Brow Pencil 01 ensures that every line you draw is accurate and enhances your facial features. The smooth formula glides on seamlessly, offering buildable coverage for a look that ranges from subtle to bold. Elevate your beauty routine with eyebrows that frame your face with perfection.
Long-Lasting Elegance
Indulge in long-lasting elegance with our Note Eye Brow Pencil. The smudge-proof and waterproof formula ensures that your carefully crafted brows stay in place throughout the day, no matter what challenges come your way. Whether facing a busy day at the office or dancing the night away, your brows will maintain their impeccable shape.
The richly pigmented Black shade adds intensity to your brows, defining them with a touch of sophistication. Say goodbye to midday touch-ups and hello to the confidence that lasts. Embrace the lasting allure of perfectly groomed eyebrows with the Note Eye Brow Pencil – your key to a flawless, all-day look.
Effortless Elegance in Black
Experience effortless elegance with the Note Eye Brow Pencil 01 in the classic shade of Black. This versatile pencil is more than a tool – it's an accessory that completes your look with a touch of glamour. The smooth application and blendable formula make it a must-have for makeup beginners and beauty enthusiasts.
Enhance the expressiveness of your eyes with brows that speak volumes. The Black shade adds a timeless, sophisticated allure to your overall appearance. From a subtle daytime look to a striking evening ensemble, this eyebrow pencil effortlessly adapts to your style, ensuring you radiate confidence and charm in every situation.