Note Mattimoist Lipstick 305 (Show)
Note Mattimoist Lipstick 305 (Show) Note Mattimoist Lipstick 305 (Show)

Note Mattimoist Lipstick 305 (Show)

4.5 gm



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An intense velvety matte finish & long-lasting moisturization.

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Step into the spotlight with Note Mattimoist Lipstick 305 (Show). This lipstick is your ticket to show-stopping lips that demand attention. The dazzling allure of the Show shade adds a touch of drama to your look, making it perfect for special occasions and bold statements. Let your lips steal the show with a burst of intense color that lasts, ensuring you're the center of attention wherever you go.
Showtime Glamour: Effortless Drama
Infuse your makeup routine with showtime glamour using Note Mattimoist Lipstick 305 (Show). The effortless drama of this lipstick transforms your look from ordinary to extraordinary in a single swipe. The rich, creamy texture glides on smoothly, creating a bold and defined pout. Whether it's a glamorous evening event or a night out on the town, let your lips steal the spotlight with the showtime glamour of Note Mattimoist Lipstick.
Moisture-Lock Radiance for All-Night Elegance
Maintain all-night elegance with Note Mattimoist Lipstick 305 (Show). This lipstick doesn't just bring the drama; it also cares for your lips. The moisture-lock formula ensures your lips stay hydrated and radiant throughout the night, even during the most dazzling events. Elevate your evening glamour with a lipstick that combines show-stopping color with nourishing care, allowing you to shine bright until the final curtain. Note that Mattemoist lipstick delivers intense color without
compromising on lip care. A velvety formula with lip-loving ingredients to help
smooth and condition lips for all-day comfort.  Infused with macadamia oil
and vitamin E to care for lips with each application, keeping the no-shine
finish flawless.
Apply the lipstick directly onto the lips by following their shape, starting in the center and working outwards to the corners. Contour the lips with a lip liner, before or after application to achieve more defined lips. 
  • Available in 16 colors
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Paraben free
  • Size: 4,5 g