Note Mattimoist Lipstick 307 (Dark Wine)
Note Mattimoist Lipstick 307 (Dark Wine) Note Mattimoist Lipstick 307 (Dark Wine)

Note Mattimoist Lipstick 307 (Dark Wine)

4.5 gm



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Immerse yourself in timeless sophistication with Note Mattimoist Lipstick 307 (Dark Wine). This lipstick is a celebration of opulence, offering a deep and luxurious hue inspired by the richness of dark wines. The velvety texture glides on effortlessly, delivering a touch of luxury to your lips. Whether it's a glamorous event or an intimate gathering, let your lips exude elegance with the allure of Dark Wine.
Bold Glamour: Make a Striking Impression
Make a striking impression with Note Mattimoist Lipstick 307 (Dark Wine). The bold and glamorous Dark Wine shade adds a touch of mystery and allure to your lips, making them a focal point of attention. This lipstick goes beyond color; it's a statement of confidence and sophistication. The intense color payoff and long-lasting formula ensure your lips remain captivating, whether it's a high-profile event or an intimate affair.
Luxurious Hydration: Velvet Softness
Experience luxurious hydration with Note Mattimoist Lipstick 307 (Dark Wine). The hydrating formula envelops your lips in velvet softness, ensuring they remain plump and moisturized. Say goodbye to dryness as your lips embrace the richness of Dark Wine. Whether it's a romantic date or a night on the town, let your lips radiate confidence and allure with the perfect fusion of nourishment and color. 
Note that Mattemoist lipstick delivers intense color without
compromising on lip care. A velvety formula with lip-loving ingredients to help
smooth and condition lips for all-day comfort.  Infused with macadamia oil
and vitamin E to care for lips with each application, keeping the no-shine
finish flawless.
Available in 16 colors
Dermatologically tested
Paraben free
Size: 4.5 gm
the lipstick directly onto the lips by following their shape, starting in the
center and working outwards to the corners. Contour the lips with a lip liner,
before or after application in order to achieve more defined lips.