Photo Focus Concealer (Light Ivory)
Photo Focus Concealer (Light Ivory) Photo Focus Concealer (Light Ivory) Photo Focus Concealer (Light Ivory)

Photo Focus Concealer (Light Ivory)

8.5 ml



480.00 BDT

Let your natural beauty shine with our selfie-tested creamy and luminous concealer

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Photo Focus Concealer is a popular makeup product utilized by many to obnubilate blemishes, dark circles, and other imperfections on their face. The Light Ivory shade is a favorite among those with fair skin tones.
This concealer is designed to provide full coverage with a natural-looking finish, making it ideal for use in photos and videos. Its formula is lightweight and facile to coalesce, sanctioning a seamless application that lasts all day.
One of the standout features of the Photo Focus Concealer is its facility to brighten the under-ocular perceiver area, making it look more aroused and refreshed. Its light-reflecting pigments reflect light away from the face, engendering a more even complexion.
The formula of the Photo Focus Concealer is withal infused with alimenting ingredients like Vitamin E, which avails to hydrate and soothe the skin. This makes it an excellent option for those with dry or sensitive skin who want to cover up imperfections without exacerbating any subsisting issues.
To apply the Photo Focus Concealer, dot a scintilla onto the areas that need coverage and coalesce out with a brush, sponge, or your fingers. The Light Ivory shade is impeccable for those with fair skin tones, but the product is additionally available in a range of other shades to suit a variety of skin tones.
Overall, the Photo Focus Concealer in Light Ivory is a great option for anyone looking to cover up imperfections and achieve a natural, impeccable complexion. Its perennial formula and brightening properties make it a staple in many makeup routines.
Goodbye photo flashback: tested under 7 light conditions and with top smartphone models.
Clear blue sunlit sky
Outdoors pm
Indoors pm
Electronic flash
Fluorescent light
Bathroom light
Nightclub light